Limited Liability Company


Information Technologies

AMROLL IT delivers grasp, wide-efficient solutions to businesses with greater profitability and achieving long-term business success by accomplishing goals and realizing cost saving.

Complete assets of robust website development, cross-platform mobile and software application development.

AMROLL IT key-features:

  • Robust website development
    Attracting the experts from different domains of activities (project management, artistic direction, development of web sites and mobile applications, front end development, system and network architecture) for the realization of the ambitious multi-platform projects.
  • SEO and analytics
    Applying to search engine optimizations for your websites and providing guidelines for your following project.
  • IT Consulting
    Providing consulting and staff managements for our business partners.


Luxury Car Rental Company

AMROLL Cars specializes in rental services of luxury vehicles for different types of end-clients.

Based in Slovakia, AMROLL Cars expands to France as an official filial branch delivering their vehicles for the French market.

We offer a great quality of service in different type of rents:

  • Short-term Rental
    Short-term car rent for period less than 1 month, usually 1-5 working days.
  • Long-term Rental
    Car rent for longer period than 1 month, usually between 1 and 3 months.
  • Corporations
    Professional clients having their taxi driving license with renting benefits.
  • Partners
    Professional partners with biggest rental discounts.